About us


The backyard shed affectionally known as the “Doodle Den” was built in 2020 from the need for a creative and expressional outlet for artist Luna Seed. A simple structure that may look ordinary on the outside is actually doorway to another world of surreal visuals, bright colours and the full spectrum of light, where nothing is normal and everything is extra!

Doodle Den Inc has been created to share this art with the world through limited edition clothing, prints, apparel and home décor. Doodle Den Inc is home for the queirdo in us all, free to express yourself in all the colours you desire!

head doodlist - Luna Seed

Luna Seed has spent her life Dedicated to Doodles, Doodling and Design! from growing up in the colourful melting pot that is london, with thriving art, music & culture, Luna Seed’s has always had her unique style of art she share with the world.

from collaborating with festivals in the uk & europe, creating amazing décor, art & stage designs. to owning market stalls at camden markets, that travelled the festival scene providing art, apparel, and accessories with everything a festival goer needs, Luna Seed is an pioneer of her own scene.

now based in australia Doodle Den is her next project aimed to continue sharing her out of this world cyber-delic art, Décor and apparel for the Delight of like minded people throughout the globe.

doodle relations & marketing - redG

RedG is our Doodle relation & marketing guru, with decades of experience in customer service, sales and being 5! RedG knows how to take care of all your Doodling Dreams.

from growing up in the grey tones of rural life and bland that is regular plus size clothing. RedG found his home in the full spectrum colours of life, art, Dance and music. 

the Den Developed from the Desire for inclusive bright & colour clothing foor all the sizes and especially those who are extra like him.     

Doodle Dog - Nessie

our final and moist important team member is our Doodle inspector Nessie! a Dog like no other, she’s made herself at home in the Den.

Done with her life on the streets she’s always on hand for a cuddle, pat or play, a champion of Doodle Den Days.  

but its not all lay and play for our Dedicated Doodle inspector, she nose a Dud when she sniffs one, with any Dodgy Doodles spotted straight in the Doghouse!

inclusively exclusive

exclusive Designs & inclusive sizing

our inclusively exclusive pledge is to find & Design exclusive Doodles for all bodies and sizes. being on the opposite ends of the clothing spectrum we understand the pain and frustration of trying to find awesome clothing in the right size or fit. the Doodle Den Dream is to make all our Doodlers feel comfy & confident in their Doodles with the perfect fit!

our regular apparel is available from sizing xxxsmall – 5xl and au 6 – 24 plus sources for even more we Dream to Doodle you all!

for the right Doodle size get your favourtie tee and measure pit to pit for the perfect fit!